Watermain Relocation: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

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Watermain Relocation: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

In support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The VETCOM Group, LLC was responsible for the construction of the Fort Belvoir Hospital Watermain Relocation. The VETCOM Group provided project planning, permitting, utility locating and construction stakeout, construction of a staging compound, land clearing, erosion and sediment control, traffic control, excavation, material procurement, placement of new pipe and valves, pressure testing, backfilling/grading, roadway reconstruction, restoration of disturbed areas and landscaping.

This project was comprehensive in nature and included the coordination of the new hospital construction as well as providing for the construction/installation of a large watermain. The project provided for the construction management services related to the new watermain, which was designed to provide critical service to the hospital and surrounding areas.

It also included the following tasks:

  • The excavation, demolition, and reconstruction of large portions of the entrance road connecting to the main post as well as the heavily traveled intersection with Virginia State Route One (US Rt.I). Considering the massive traffic volumes involved, this task required detailed coordination with VDOT, the State Police, representatives of Fort Belvoir, and the multiple subcontractors involved.
  • The demolition excavation and complete rehabilitation of more remote areas of the post where watermain ties were required to boost the flow to the hospital.
  • The landscaping and pavement restoration of all areas disturbed during the construction process.