4501 Daly Drive

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4501 Daly Drive

Located in Chantilly Virginia, this building is 4-stories of commercial office space, comprised of approximately 70,000 rentable square feet, and was originally constructed in 1987. This property is managed by VETCOM’s Property Management Division. When VETCOM gained control of the management of this building, one of its objectives was to increase the marketability of the facility. As an initial step in the plan, VETCOM added a dual-lane drive-through for the existing bank.

Subsequent steps for improvements included:

  • A complete renovation of the building’s main entrance and plaza area.
  • The creation of a rear entrance that provided significantly improved access to the building from a large portion of the parking lot.
  • The complete renovation to the rear entrance of the building to include the construction of a large plaza for tenant gatherings and break areas.
  • The construction of a heavily landscaped designated smoking facility located a short distance from the building.