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Vetcom Group Construction Services

Beginning to End Construction Management

VETCOM Group is a state-of-the-art construction management company, capable of overseeing all aspects of your architectural structure requirements. There is no project too big or problem too complex!

VETCOM oversees construction projects from beginning to end. Our advanced project management techniques and software allow us to assist with the planning, design, and complete construction of your project. We also help keep your project within the established cost estimate.

We provide professional construction inspection services that identify any problems before it’s too late.  Inspections are performed during various stages of the project. We ensure you have all the required building permits per government guidelines. 

An office space tenant build-out is an important step in the lease of any building. Vetcom will renovate your leased space to meet your specific needs. All tenant build-outs are built to the latest specifications and technological advances. We handle offices, medical centers, and more.

Constructability (also known as buildability) studies and analysis is a process of determining if the proposed build site is suitable for the structure you wish to build. We perform a detailed assessment to identify any obstacles to prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

VETCOM can a forecasted cost of any physical structure before your construction project begins. Some of the biggest impacts on a construction project are financial due to cost overruns, which leads to construction project completion.

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